Nature lovers from all over the world visit the Pieria Mountains, the mountain of the nine Muses, to admire the charm of nature and enjoy hiking on the mountain slopes. Walking along the ridge of Pieria and enjoying the view from above, the experience that one lives is just memorable.

The Northeast reveals a valley where four large rivers of central Macedonia meet (Axios, Aliakmonas, Gallikos and Loudas), while gazing towards the southwest you can admire the view of Lake Polyfyto. Looking to the south, you can just stand in awe as Olympos presents his magnificence in front of you, in all its grandeur. The paths of the area are quite well preserved, with a large number of them having special markings for orientation and safety purposes.

The rich variety of deciduous and coniferous tree vegetation, as well as the abundant streams and endless creeks add an air of authentic natural beauty to the exploration experience and a powerful dose of pure and oxygen-rich atmosphere. More importantly, the area is an ideal place for exploration all year round. Every season has to offer its own unique feeling and experience... come to feel it!